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Founded in 1946, Control Products, Inc’s first sales were to the US government in military applications and switches designed by CPI continue to be used extensively in military equipment. Today, CPI provides creative control solutions to a diverse group of markets, where high reliability is needed in demanding applications.

Linear Position Sensors
Waterproof Switches
Thermal Switches

For nearly half a century, Safran USA has supported a U.S. customer base that includes federal, state and local governments, all branches of the armed forces, airlines, cargo carriers, and many other companies in the aerospace and defense sectors.  

Safran has established long-standing, successful and growing relationships in the U.S. market. 

Aircraft Circuit Breakers
Thermal Circuit Breakers

Electrical & Power Relays

49-        Terminal Covers for Hermetically Sealed Power Relays      MS27243 

6041H-  Power Relay - Unsealed, Intermittent Duty Type III and Continuous Duty Type IIMS24166, MS24171, MS24172, MS24178, MS24179, MS24185, MS24187, AN3362, AN3372 

6042H-  Power Relay - Hermetically Sealed, 12-400 AmpsMS24140, MS24141, MS24142, MS24143, MS24168, MS24182, MS24183, MS24184, MS24376, MS27242, MS27997 

6046H-  Power Relay - Unsealed, Continuous Duty Type II, 50-200 Amps

MS25030, MS25031, MS25032

9565H-  Power Relay - Unsealed, Continuous Duty Type II, 25-100 Amps MS24192, MS24193

SM15    Power Relay - Environmentally Sealed Light-Weight, 3 PoleM6106/9, /10, /11  

SM100D-Power Relay - Gasket Sealed, SPST-NO, 100 Amps 

SM150D-Power Relay - Gasket Sealed, SPST-NO or SPDT, 150 Amps  

SM200D-Power Relay - Gasket Sealed, SPST-NO, 200 Amps 

SM400D-Power Relay - Gasket Sealed, SPST-NO, 400 Amps 

SM1000D-Power Relay - Gasket Sealed, SPST-NO, 1000 Amps 

SM135B2-Generator Contactor - 40KVA, 135A Contactor 

SM400H-Power Relay - Hermetically Sealed, SPST, 40 Amps 

Electrical & Power Switches

Toggle Switches

8510-8512 Industrial Sealed Toggle Switches 

8520-8528 Industrial Sealed Toggle Switches (UL/CSA) 

8566-8568 Industrial Sealed Designer-line Toggle Switches 

8530-8532 Industrial Econoline Sealed Toggle Switches 

8536-8538 Econoswitch Sealed Lever-lock Toggle Switches 

8533-8535 Econoswitch Sealed Designer-line Toggle Switches 

8500-8502 Mil-S-3950 Toggle Switches MS24523, MS24524, MS24525, MS27406, MS27407  

8503-8505 Mil-S-3950 Lever-lock Toggle Switches MS24658, MS24659, MS24660, MS27408, MS27409 

8570-8572 Mil-S-3950 IWTS Toggles Switches MS27722, MS27723, MS27724, MS27784, MS27785, MS27786 

8573-8575 Mil-S-3950 IWTS Lever-lock Toggle Switches MS27781, MS27782, MS27783, MS27787, MS27788, MS27789 

A-3 Mil-S-8805 Multi Circuit Switches M8805/93  

8836-8845 Mil-S-8834 Sealed Positive Action Toggle Switches MS25306, MS25307, MS25308, MS14001, MS14002, MS14003, MS24612, MS24613, MS24614 

8836KP-8838KP Flush Mount Sealed Positive Action Toggle Switches 

8866-8869 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches (Solder) MS24655, MS24656 

8866-8869 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches(PCB) MS21354, MS21355, MS21356, MS21357, MS21433, MS21434 

8855-8856 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches (Lever-lock/Solder) MS21026, MS21027, MS21436, MS21437 

8855-8869 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches (Lever-lock/IWTS) MS21346, MS21347 

8854 4 Pole Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches 

8879 4 Pole Miniature Positive Action Lever-lock Toggle Switches 

T - TW Miniature Integral Toggle Switches MS18151

8780-8792 High Capacity Flush Mount Toggle Switches AN3230

Pushbutton Switches

D200 Heavy Duty Momentary Snap Action Pushbutton Switches 

H2200 Double Pole Momentary Snap Action Pushbutton Switches 

J300 Alternate Action Moisture Proof Pushbutton Switches 

C20050 Momentary Snap Action Pushbutton Switches MS16712 

J4004 Alternate Action Pushbutton Switches  

J100 Alternate Action High Current Pushbutton Switches 

W300 Moisture Proof Pushbutton Switches 

W9000 Swivel Action Pushbutton Switches 

W9600 Wide Button Moisture Proof Pushbutton Switches 

C100-W100-WC150 Uniform Panel Appearance Pushbutton Switches  

B9001-B9022 Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches M8805/96  

B7070 Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches M8805/95  

A20000, J20000 Momentary & Alt. Action Snap Action Illuminated Pushbutton Switches M22885/18 

8895-8899 Hand Controls with Pushbuttons (Grips)NAF1173, NAF1174 

8870-8809 Special Designed Pushbutton Switches M8805/55  

Rocker Switches

8551-8553 Econoswitch Sealed Rocker Switches, with Removable Button 

8554-8556 Econoswitch Sealed Rocker Switches 

8540-8542 Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches 

8543-8545 Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches, with Removable Button 

8546-8548 Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches 

Precision Snap Action Switches

D,E,G,K,S Basic Switches, Precision Snap Action Switches MS25085, MS25342, MS25343, MS25244, MS25348, MS25349, MS25353, MS25356, MS25357

A2-5,A5-18 Basic Switches, Precision Snap Action, Roller and Leaf Actuator 

Sealed Limit Switches

H11 Environmentally Sealed Limit Switches MS21321, MS24331, MS27240

HH Hermetically Sealed Limit Switches 

Switch Guards and Shields

8492K-8499L Switch Guards, Mil-G-7703 MS24417, MS25214, MS25221, MS25223, MS25224, MS25225, MS25452, MS27752, NAF47851-1 

73 Pushbutton Shields 

Safran Electrical & Power Circuit Breakers

160 Single Pole, 50-100 Amps MS25361, MS25361-V 

170 Single Pole, 125-200 Amps  

700 Single Pole, Miniature, 5-50 Amps MS25244, MS25244-P, MS25244-PT 

1500 Single Pole, Fast Trip, .5-10 Amps  

4001 Single Pole, Sub-miniature, 1-25 Amps MS22073, MS22073-V, MS22073-D 

4200 Single Pole, Lightweight Sub-miniature, .5-25 Amps MS26574, MS26574-L, MS26574-D, MS26574-A, MS26574-DL 

4310 Ambient Temp. Compensated, Sub-miniature, 1-25 Amps MS3320, MS3320-L, MS3320-V, MS3320-VL 

940 3 Phase, High Capacity, 50-200 Amps 

1526 3 Pole, Fast Trip, 1-15 Amps 

1536 3 Pole, 3 Phase, Miniature Ambient Temp. Compensated, 5-50 Amps  

4330 3 Phase, Ambient Temp. Compensated, 1-25 Amps MS14154, MS14154-L, MS14154-V, MS14154-VL

RCCB Remote Control Circuit Breakers M83383/01, M83383/02, M83383/04  

RPC Remote Power Controller 

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